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Direct Linking or Hotlinking site with more than 100 MB limit

  1. Anyone know of a FREE site that allows you more than a 100MB file upload limit but still supports Direct Linking or Hotlinking? I found a few that allow up to 250 or even 1GB but they don't support it as of yet.

  2. we have free 3gb worth of space here to upload, so why do you need to look elsewhere? do you need more then 3gb?

  3. Do you mean 100mb PER FILE as a limit? No, I don't know of any at all.

  4. @ raincoaster: Yes that is exactly what I mean. I usually host the music on my blog at FileDen to stream here but the mp3 I need to hotlink to is over their 100MB limit.

    @ nylusmilk: I am aware of the 3 GB of space here but unless I use cash I currentlu don't posess to upgrade that doesn't help with an mp3 over 100MB.

  5. Free file hosting services are usually supported by advertising. Hotlinking bypasses ads so they normally prevent it. You're looking for something that, if it exists at all, is doomed to vanish quickly.

  6. What about getdropbox, do they have size restrictions? I know you can hotlink any file from there.

  7. Thanks for all the info. I will look into the dropbox a little more. If they allow hotlinks and large files it may be the ticket for my stream.

  8. Getdropbox pwns!!! It allows large files and does hotlinking!

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