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    I have the free WordPress blog, and Id like it that my Twitter posts go to the main blog window as a post rather then to the twitter toolbar that I have installed.

    Is this possible, It will help for people to see my Tweets that dont have Twitter.

    I find the sidebar simply gets ignored.


    The blog I need help with is


    No there is not.

    Why not put the twitter widget at the top of the sidebar and then make a sticky post bringing people’s attention to it?



    Actually, there is. cat posted about it but darned if I can find it now. Let me go tweet her. :)



    Oh, and having said that, the Powers-that-Be do not look kindly on blogs that are entirely made up of “automated” posts. You should also be posting “manually” on a regular basis.

    If you want your tweets to have more exposure, do as tsp suggests and show as many posts in your twitter widget as you believe will draw attention to it.



    Good morning, yes, there is a service or rather there used to be as the server and the hard disk of the service has died. It’s

    The service appears to be back soonish, according to it’s Twitter updates:

    And this is the kind of example of a post, although that’s customisable to include @replies as well as time of post and frequency: and this is the category with all the posts from it on my blog: and some are in here as I’m currently messing about with categories!

    Give it a few days/weeks and it should be back.

    I have yet to find another similar service that works with the free wordpress.COM service as most are set out for the downloadable/selfhosted version. Technically [and I’m just theorising here..] it should work with any other service that offers posting directly via email.

    Personally I have full faith in @loudtweeter’s return shortly. :)



    However, for some reasons and I really don’t know why search engines don’t seem to be picking up the posts from the tweets at all or at least I don’t think I’ve got a single referral from it in the stats.

    Also, you wanna be careful if you’re away from Twitter for a few days [silly idea, I know!] and have Twitterfeed set up to post any new blog posts to your Twitter account as that can create an endless circle of the only post being your Twitterfeed notification from the previous day.

    If that makes any sense. I need coffee!

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