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    Hi All,

    I’ve built a website using WP with MAMP on my iMac. I’m now trying to replicate the work i’ve done on a server i’m renting.
    This server has got an issue: the URL and the Folder where you need to copy the files do not match. I mean by this that the url “” reads from .
    this might be quite normal for most of you but I am now a bit lost as i’m trying to install the theme and plugging via the dashboard; the dashboard asks for the FTP target and is getting rejected by the server when trying to write on how can I tell WP to write under ?

    also, I’ve FTPed the themes and plugging myself and I get a blank page with the specific them i used…

    Thanks in advance for your help,



    Unfortunately, we won’t be able to help you with your questions, since this forum is dedicated to, not the self-hosted version of WordPres that you are using.

    Go to, where they will be able to help you.

    For more info about the difference between and, see that link:



    Hello there,
    You are posting to the wrong support forum. On this forum we do not provide support for local installs of WordPress. We support only those with blogs being free hosted by You must post to



    my bad, sorry.
    tks anyway



    No problem and best wishes. :)

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