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    I changed my blog address on wordpress following their instructions but did not click the box to disable the previous blog address.

    Now it looks like I have 2 blogs which is making it very confusing. Do I have to redirect readers from my old blog address to my new one (and pay for an upgrade) even though I am staying with wordpress?

    Secondly, if I just disable my old blog address would it still show up in search engines? My goal is to have 1 blog (with the new name) and if my name or blog were to be searched it would show up, not my old one.

    Does that make sense? Please advise how I should proceed and how to disable the old blog address.


    The blog I need help with is lovenourishthrive.wordpress.com.



    Hi there!

    I checked out your site at http://sherisseblanco.wordpress.com/ and it looks like you are going to use it as a second blog.

    All your content on http://lovenourishthrive.wordpress.com/ will eventually show up on Google searches as they reindex your site. This may take weeks to occur, but it looks like you have a link going to your new site.

    If you decide you don’t want to use your original site, you can purchase the $13 site redirect upgrade to direct traffic from sherisseblanco to lovenourishthrive. Here’s more information on this upgrade:

    I’m happy to answer any questions you might have. :)

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