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Disable auto submit but allow searches?

  1. Yes you heard it, Google says that non-human submits can effect your page rank negatively unless prior approved! :O! I was wondering if Google has this agreement with wordpresses auto submit, as it might be effecting everyones page rank.

  2. What exactly is a 'non-human submit' ?

  3. Mine varies between 5 and 6; are you saying it would be up around 10 otherwise?

  4. Exactly as it sounds.

  5. I do not know if it would be higher

  6. I really have no idea what you are meaning.

  7. As in, I think, wordpress automatically submits our content to Google, via a program, not a human submiting it. Should I fetch the FAQ page about it?

  8. What happens is that when you post, we send a ping.
    That goes to and from there other services are notified. Whether or not Google follow those pings I do not know.

    I cannot see that Google is suddenly going to ignore or penalise pings like this. It is how WordPress has done things since forever. It would be much much worse to expect people to do it. Other blogging services also do the same things.

  9. doesn't submit anything to Google. Google visits looking for new stuff.

    The 'Allow search engines' option on your Privacy tab means that Google will be permitted to index your blog, if and when it wants to and gets around to it.

  10. K thank you.

  11. I guess non-human submits are those sites which offer to automatically submit your url to hundreds of search engines? can see why Google would want to discourage that, it's pretty spammy.

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