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Disable Autoplay for recorded videos?

  1. Can anyone tell me please how to disable autoplay when I embed a recorded ustream video on my blog?

    Is there some way to edit the wordpress [ustream randonnumbersandletters.usv] code?

    Very annoying to have the autoplay functioning -- even more so when there is more than one video clip on the page as they will all autoplay.

    Thank you.

  2. I suggest for you to check out the forums to get
    your answer....

  3. I did before posting the question here. They said to check here since it is an issue of how Matt created the wordpress add-in.

  4. and the link to your wordpress.COM blog is...?

  5. Jennifer, thank you. Here is the link

  6. I think there's no way to configure it at at the moment. Autoplay is really annoying and it crashed my browser a few times yesterday alone. If I were you I would avoid that format altogether if they're not going to work with to resolve it. After all, that's the only medium that DOES autoplay when embedded with the shortcode; they must be doing something different from all the others.

  7. I had the same issue and found out how to fix it.

    You need to add the string "autoplay=false&" to the embed code. Below is an example snippet. Hope this helps.

    name="movie" value=""/><embed flashvars="viewcount=false&autoplay=false&brand=embed" width="400"


  8. Mark,

    Thanks a ton. Will give that a go. Not as ideal as the wp embed code being editable but still the best option as anything to turn autoplay off is desirable!

    Much appreciated.


  9. recruitingblogs

    Hi Krynsky, i am completely at a loss at how to do what you suggest.. I have the ustream embed code for a video I did but I can;t seem to find where to put the code you suggest to get rid of the auto play.

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