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    Hi. According to one closed topic, this has already been taken care of in the forums but I can’t find the answer. I want to turn off infinite scroll and go back to “newer posts” and “older posts” at the bottom of the page – to be able to load by PAGE. I’m using Clean Home. Is this possible? I really HATE infinite scroll. Please help.

    The blog I need help with is skronker.com.


    Dashboard >> Settings >> Reading

    Uncheck “To infinity and beyond

    Set the number of posts you want to appear on each page a little further up under “Blog pages show at most“.



    Thank you so much. But I don’t want to “load more posts,” which is the option it gives. I want to go to another page at the bottom. I want pages of posts. Is this possible? Thanks you again!



    It’s possible, but only if you have the paid Custom Design upgrade.



    Huh. I resent that. I wonder if Blogger does the same thing… Thanks!

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