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Disable invisible editing of comments

  1. I also want to add that we have the ability to edit our comments on this support forum, as well as on our blogs, so why shouldn't we have the same ability on the comments that we leave on other blogs?

  2. mbd1974: are you a wikipedian by any chance? you seem to find the idea of edit wars attractive ;)

    What happens when you give people the option of deleting their own comments on other people's blogs is that trolls use it as an email channel. They post abuse in a comment, admin gets it in the notify email, troll deletes the comment and denies they ever made it. Ditto giving people edit rights over their own comments without signalling that the edit has taken place; it gives them the power to say stuff then deny they ever said it.

    If there's a label saying the comment was edited, both commenters and blog owners are going to think twice about misusing their edit powers to deceive people. It's not necessarily going to stop them doing so completely, but it's going to act as a deterrent. And I still can't see how this would get in the way of people carrying out edits for legitimate reasons. If you desperately don't want people to know you've done something, that's usually a sign that you shouldn't be doing it.

    (example: I edited this post just now for a typo :) )

  3. @wank
    I have been reading what you post. Thank you.

    To get an idea of the impact on staff of the nature of the change suggested and the amount of staff time that would be devoted to accomplishing this, as opposed to being devoted to other priorities, I would like to know the answer to the following questions before I state my agreement or disagreement with the idea posed.

    (1) As we are all on a multi-user blogging platform then would each theme have to be coded to produce such an edit timestamp ?

    (2) Or can it be done through software changes for all blogs across the board without coding it into each theme?

  4. @wank
    No, I'm not a Wikipedian, altho I must admit I like that site.

    "Ditto giving people edit rights over their own comments without signalling that the edit has taken place; it gives them the power to say stuff then deny they ever said it."

    Isn't that something that any blogger can do? We could post an entry with any amount of defamatory content we wanted to and then delete it and pretend it was never posted.

    I know alot of us would appreciate the ability to edit/delete our comments on other blogs. Haven't you ever posted a comment and then realized you either have a typo or didn't like what you said?

    An edit/delete feature on comments with the timestamp you suggested should do the trick.

  5. I have to edit comments on my blog all the time but I say:

    (( deleted by blog administrator for safety and legal reasons ))

  6. I don't see how it would necessitate any recoding of themes, though. It's just an extra piece of text at the end of a comment.

    Actually I agree with Wank on this one. It would be a core file change instead of a theme change. It would mean adding in the line with the time stamp information right before saving when a comment is edited. Heck, even i could code somehting like that. :)

    The issue woul dbe actually if you were to reedit it and try to remove that line. Would the system put a second notice in there or replace the first one? Would it have to scan the content of the comment to see if the notice was already in there?

    You edit my comments to change anything but a typo and I'll never comment there again.

    With all due respect, Mark, that's you and I can see where you're coming from. That's not whats happening in this case. The commenter has gone back many times and moaned about their comment being edited. I gotta admit that I would think that would be most people's reaction. Heck, look at it this way. Fox news may lie through their teeth but, heck, someone still watches them. :)

    It comes down to an element of trust - all of this does.

    Agreed but disclosure (how ever you spell it) also comes into it as well.

  7. i don't have much to add.
    i will say +1 for the idea.

    i disagree with mark's objection, on the basis that some accountability is better than none. but the 'some is better than none' argument has gotten me nowhere in the past.

    and yes, when i edit comments, i always add [editted per guidelines], or something more specific.

  8. Link

    Interesting way of doing it. Shows the timestamp of the edit as well as the reason why it was done.

  9. I say, be careful what you say on other people's blogs, because they will use your own words against you --which they completely have the right to do.

    A typo is one thing. I say, instead of adding editing, add a spellchecker. Or if you can edit, make it like, where you only have a very short time to edit.

    Another good solution would be to add a preview feature, like that of Blogger.

    Or, alternatively, you could just proofread the posts you make.

    I say, if you want to make these changes, make it optional in the user settings, but do not force people to use them on their blogs. This could open the door to all kinds of trolling.

    I'd just leave it as it is now.

  10. I'd have it on the forums, but not on blogs.

  11. I believe what Mark has said here makes sense and I don't believe that anyone has successfully refuted his position as yet

  12. Mark's argument relies on both commenter and commentee being nice, mature, rational people who do not rewrite other people's comments for their own drama-creating purposes and do not run around screaming blue murder if someone does screw with their comments and refuses to own up.

    We're heading for a million users, many of whom are going to be fairly young. Nice, rational and mature don't scale. Trust me, I'm a livejournaller ;)

  13. @wank
    I have been mostly reading two kinds of blogs lately. Firstly, penguin blogs. Secondly, techie blogs written by youth.
    I'll save you the suspense - nice, rational and mature don't scale when it comes to either category.
    If I had one, I wouldn't let my kid near a community populated by so many filthy mouthed, tantrum throwing, liars and cheaters.
    As for the second category, well envision blogs written by spotty faced youth who are re-blogging posts from digg and boing-boing, etc. The only interesting thing about them (yawn) is how they go out of their way to espouse how much smarter they think are than anyone over 25 is, while they re-blog the re-invention of the wheel (tubes).
    Perhaps the posts in either kind of blog would be more interesting if they could spell and had a grasp of grammar and puncutation but, what can one expect from semi-literate twitters with electronic toy fetishes?
    Lastly, if "maturity" level can be estimated based on the increased incidence of hostile newbies posting to the support forum then you may have a point that I will have to concede because nice, rational and mature don't scale there either.
    I'm standing with engtech at this point, although I may change my mind later.
    P.S. I'm not yet a livejournaller yet but who knows what tomorrow may hold. ;)

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