Disable Right Click – Is it that hard?

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    I understand that as long as an information is online there’s no 100% secure to prevent it being stolen… but all I’m looking here is a basic of the basics application: HOW DO I DISABLE RIGHT CLICK? That’s all I’m looking for, but no, I cannot find it. ORZ

    All other blogs I know have it as an option in there general setting “disable right click? yes or no” and it’s done. But here in WordPress.com I’ve looked through applications, forums, support and comments… what I found is “WordPress.com cannot disable right click at all.” WordPress.org? Yes, with a plugin. WordPress.com? Nope, not a chance.

    Is that really true? Being #1 for personal blogging and everything, yet Wordepress.com do not have the most simple disable-copy protection? I know WordPress.com and WordPress.org is different, still, is it really that hard to do this one simple application?

    I am so very confusing right now, and when I tried to ask help from a WordPress.com staff in support forums, I see that the forum will be close until middle of the September. Does that mean my question will not be answered by a staff after all? That I have to wait weeks more before I can let people knew I got a new blog because I cannot find “How to disable right-click” anywhere?

    At very last, I just want to state that I need a satisfy answer, and “WordPress.com cannot disable right click at all” or “There are many ways such as state your copyright at the end of your every single posts, but no, no right-click disable” is absolutely not acceptable. ORZ Plug-ins or pay for upgrade is a-okay, but please just let me know.

    The blog I need help with is unazure.wordpress.com.


    I can easily steal any image you disable right click on. It is a total waste of time, except for the 7 people out there that don’t know how to get around it. Additionally, if the image is displayed on a computer browser, it is already downloaded to the cache on their hard drive.

    All having “disable right-click” does is give someone a false sense of security.


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    . But here in WordPress.com I’ve looked through applications, forums, support and comments… what I found is “WordPress.com cannot disable right click at all.”

    That is correct. We can not disable right click on WordPress.com.

    Answers to this question have been consistent for several years:


    Even my right-brained, non-computer savvy, liberal arts major author friend, who has trouble working a toaster can steal an image with right click disabled. My friend’s 9 year old son does it all the time. You would not believe the 87GB of images he has on his computer.



    I have a friend that is a professional photographer, he does not even mess around with watermarking, he just makes the resolution etc on the pictures some small (I think he does 420 pixel wide) so the picture can’t be make large and have any quality – he jokes about all the web stuff is good for is a 4×6 inch “refrigerator print” for the door of your refrigerator.


    There are just so many things out there that are sold as magic bullets, and all they do is lull people into a false sense of security.

    Watermarking, and as you say, making the images small and low resolution are the best things. I have two professional photographer friends, and they make their images small at 72dpi, and then just shrug because they know there is nothing they can really do, short of just not putting their stuff on the web. Anything you put on the web is likely to be stolen, no matter if it’s text, graphics, or photographs.



    I was just over at the Guardian, putting pictures that were right-click disabled into my Tumblr. Five seconds. It takes me five seconds or less.

    Right click disabling is as pointless as CAPTCHA, perhaps even moreso.



    Oh, and it also seems to me that the new Google imagesearch effectively disables right click disabling itself, as long as you save the floating image and not the image on the page.

    Think about THAT as a game-changer.


    Yeah, Google pulls from the source code of the page, so they never know right-click is blocked, and wouldn’t pay any attention to it anyway. If someone finds and image they can’t right click on and don’t know any of the rudimentary ways of getting around things, if they can get the URL of the image, they just search for the image file name in google imagesearch, and chances are it’s there waiting for them.


    Oh, and one more thing. It is done with javascript, and all I have to do to defeat it is go into my browser preferences and turn javascript off.

    Bob’s your uncle.



    If you must have it try using the theme Monotone or Duotone. I read somewhere in the forums that these theme have “Disable right-click” option.



    Monotone and Duotone are photoblog themes that do have right click disabled. However, do be aware that anyone who knows how to (and there are instructions on the internet) can defeat that in seconds flat. Relying on disabling right click creates a false sense of security. Watermarking your images is the way to go.

    Watermarking any images you place on your blog or website is a practice used in addition to posting a copyright notice or license, and both are used to deter image theft. I have previously reviewed several free watermark generators available online that can be used to display copyright on your images either one at a time or in bulk, prior to uploading them to your blog. This article provides a link to another approach to deterring online image theft that you may wish to consider using.

    … here’s a technique for you to make it just a bit harder for someone to get your images. Here, right-click on the image and click on Save Image As or Save Picture As to save it on your computer. See what you “saved”. — Cover Your Images

    <span style=”color: #ff0000;”>Updated: June 4, 2010</span> Protecting your images from online theft and reblogging


    There are different codes to put into the CSS. A code to disable it all, a code to make the image blank when saved, and a code to make the picture turn into another picture. I don’t know what they’re called but the blank & other picture tricks have happened to me.

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