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disable rss

  1. Can I disable RSS?

    I know that some people (or bots) come to my blog regularly, but it seems they use RSS. However, I don't want RSS, but only allow reading my posting by visiting my blog through the webpage. Can I disable RSS or some other way to do so?

  2. I am adding comment to tell how RSS can be accessed. If my blog is, the rss can be:

  3. You cannot turn off the feeds for your blog.

    Your feeds are created automatically unless you mark your blog as private. The content of password-protected posts will not display in your blog’s feed.

    You can send only a summary of your posts:

    For each article in a feed you can select Full text or Summary. Full text means that the entire contents of a post are included in the feed. Summary means that only the first 55 words are included in the feed, along with the option to continue reading the rest of the post.

    Which option to use is a matter of some debate. Visit Problogger’s view for some more information. This setting also affects what users receive in their email subscriptions.

  4. Note also that the format for URLs for RSS Feeds for your blog is not the one you posted above. WordPress blogs have multiple built-in feeds and the format for the feed URLs is well known. And we cannot delete or block subscribers to our RSS Feeds on our public blogs.
    Here are two examples.
    The URL for your posts feed is:
    The URL for your comments feed is:

  5. Oops! Good morning Tess. :)

  6. Thank you all.

  7. You're welcome from me and best wishes with your blog.

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