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    Please let me disable that horrible carousel view with my images. When you click on an image on my site you should be taken to a description and details of the image, but with carousel view this makes everything I’ve done worthless.
    Blog url: http://thecarbonbasedmistake.wordpress.com/



    We’re looking into possible adding that option, but more than likely we’ll be brining descriptions and comments into Carousel.

    For now, you can click the “Permalink” link to see the photo’s attachment page.



    “Permalink” is probably the worst way to describe what the link does to someone who doesn’t have their own wordpress site. This change, without the option to disable, makes me lose faith in the ability of wordpress to allow me to design my blog the way I choose to. Would wordpress like to tell me what I should write about next, and how I should design it? It you even had disabling things like this be an upgrade option, I’d gladly pay, but so far that doesn’t even seem to be a choice. You’d think someone would be happy to take my money. Why bother having so many themes when you can just choose to take a way a feature or add a new one on a moments notice without allowing a toggle between choices? “Looking into possible[ly] adding that option” screams a disconnect with the audience you cater to. I am currently trying to figure out how to redesign my entire site to get it somewhere near what it once was, and mind you, my site isn’t a flashy thing to begin with, it just functioned smoothly and was easy to update from any computer and even my iPad. If I can’t find a way to fix this myself I’ll be forced to leave wordpress, a service I was so excited about, and I’m not threatening, that would be worthless, I’m just stating a fact that I will have to leave and I’m upset about that.


    We appreciate your feedback. We designed the carousel with viewers in mind and we really think that visitors to your site will enjoy using it to view images.

    I do see that you feel strongly about wanting to be able to turn it off and I will forward your feedback to our developers for review. Thank you for being excited about WordPress.com! And I hope you stick around. :)



    My site isn’t image based, if it was the carousel would be great. I’m sure many love it, but you can’t say it was designed with anyone in mind when there is no way to choose to not use it. In the mean time I’ve decided I’ll have to add a few lines of text on each page, being reduced to the early days of the internet when you had to put “click here” on an image or people didn’t instinctively know to where to click. My text will be something along the lines of: “After clicking on an image, select “PERMALINK“ for more info and samples,(which is counterintuitive, if you ask me. Thanks wordpress.com!)”

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