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Disabling comments on photo gallery

  1. brazilmedicallaunch

    Hi, I am using the Blix theme. When anyone clicks on a photo in my gallery, it allows them to comment on the photo. I cant find a place to disable this. I tried disabling comments for the whole blog (under discussions), but a comment box still appears. Help!

    My blog is:

  2. If you turned off commenting on your entire blog and the comment box will appears on the attachment pages, then this is a change from what I was previously told by Support. specifically towards the bottom of the page "Can I edit the Attachment page that opens after clicking on a thumbnail?"

  3. - including the http:// makes it clickable

    I have stopped using attachment pages and just have the photo open in a new window (new since 2.7 was implemented). That solved my problem.

  4. brazilmedicallaunch

    thanks. I will try it. (Sorry, next time I will make it clickable)

  5. brazilmedicallaunch

    OK, so I thought I could easily figure it out, but I can't. How do I stop using attachment pages and have the pix open in new windows?

  6. Took me a while to remember where I saw the setting :( It's in the gallery thing. Edit a post where you have inserted a gallery, click on the add media button, click on gallery and it's on there.

  7. By the way, I'm not sure if you have to reinsert the gallery or not.

  8. A solution should be included in v2.8

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