Disabling 'condensed' posts on my blog

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    Hi, I’m the owner of jillianundercover.wordpress.com.
    I’m currently using the ‘Origin’ theme. I really like this theme and want to continue using it.
    I was wondering however if there is a way to disable ‘condensed’ posts? I want full blog posts on my site for all posts and not excerpts.

    please help!

    Thanks a lot (:

    The blog I need help with is jillianundercover.wordpress.com.



    If you write the post, click to the Text Editor instead of Visual, copy all the code, and paste that in the Manual Excerpt box below the Post box, then hit Update, that should work. Note the theme is NOT designed to work this way and there will be glitches.


    Thanks a lot raincoaster! It worked (:

    I reckon it’ll be of no problem now but in case I do change themes later on, I might have some problems there?

    Anyway, thank you! (:



    No, you won’t have problems if you change theme: custom excerpts work the same way on all themes that normally display post beginnings on the main page, and don’t work at all on other themes.

    The problem you’ll have with this workaround (no matter what the theme) is that custom excerpts cannot display objects inserted via shortcodes (e.g. videos or audio players).

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