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Disabling Email Notifications for Comment on a Specific Post

  1. Hi. I enjoy getting emails about each comment on my blog, BUT there is a very popular article that's always being commented on and I'd like to stop receiving email notifications on just this one post (yet I would still like to receive comment notification emails on all other posts now and in the future). Is this possible? Thank you.
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  2. Hey there,

    Comment notifications for site administrators are unfortunately an all-or-nothing affair. You can unsubscribe from comment notifications via Settings -> Discussion in your blog's dashboard, but you won't receive notifications for any of your comments.

    You might try using the features in your email client to hide notifications for that particular post. For instance, Gmail's filter features would do this well.


  3. Hi there, P. Thanks for your quick, detailed and informative response. While I do wish there was an option to silence specific posts, I was thinking of running a filter through my email service. Thank you for confirming this. I hope WordPress incorporates this simple and very useful and convenient feature in the future. Thanks, again.

  4. No problem! I've made note of your request through our suggestions system. Thanks for the idea!

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