disabling feeds and search engine caching

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    I would like to know if it’s possible to not allow people to subscribe to my blog using rss and stop search engines from stumbling onto my blog?

    Thank you :)



    Not now, but we will be adding an option for this pretty soon.



    Now that Matt has given you a clue of what is to come and possibly resolve your issue, I’m curious:


    Why disable the feeds and restrict search engines? What’s the point?



    The man doesn’t want to be found on the net….or his blog’s content.
    It’s a privacy matter i guess.



    The man doesn’t want to be found on the net….

    Yea riiight, let me know how that works.



    Hey matt, thanks! that’s great news :)

    to the others: maybe i’m paranoid? heh.



    OK, marc: if you disable feeds, block google, use a blogging system that knows only a disposable email address and your IP, don’t comment all over the place and refrain from posting your real name or identifiable personal details on your site, tell us how anyone from your real life is going to find it.

    There’s paranoid and there’s paranoid. Blocking Google is fairly paranoid (most bloggers aren’t anywhere near paranoid enough, this guy should be applauded), but thinking you’re going to get found and read without benefit of search engines or links is a whole new level.


    I do repeat: if you’re wanting privacy, a wordpress.com blog IS NOT THE WAY TO GO.

    Talk about “wide-open n-way” (um. and if that li’l quote doesn’t date me, it’s because the rest of you are too young to have bothered with “Doc” Smith….)



    No. Privacy is largely up to you. Someone who knows me in real life would have an extremely hard time figuring out that I was the writer of my wordpress.com blog because a) I keep my real name well out of it, b) nobody I know is geeky enough to have one of their own, c) I keep quiet about my pathological obsession with blogging tools in my actual life, d) I never mention anything personal about my job, family, or even what country I live in, e) hell, I don’t think most readers of ‘wank’ even know what gender I am, though I guess that mentioning ‘gender’ just then may have been a big fat clue, f) I am not crazy enough to post photos… shall I go on? I’ve been writing on the internet for five years now and to the best of my knowledge none of my family or friends have ever stumbled upon any of it. My level of paranoia has proved quite sufficient, thanks.

    If you want a safe space to share personal stuff and have the freedom to use real names etc. then a site like diaryland or livejournal (which you could lock to all but selected users) would be a better option. But if you’re happy to be vague, I honestly don’t see a problem with wordpress.com sans spidering and feeds (assuming, of course, that switching off RSS would also keep your posts off the dashboard).

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