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    I know it’s possible to hide the number of ‘likes’ on each post, but might it be an idea to introduce an option for switching it off entirely? Call me cynical but it seems to me that many WordPress users click ‘like’ as a form of self promotion to get their name out but don’t actually contribute in any meaningful way to posts. Of course this doesn’t apply to all users and there are some who use the ‘like’ button as intended. However, I’ve recently had users scroll through and mechanically click ‘like’ on every post of mine without commenting once. To me, a 5 word one off comment is so much more meaningful than 20 ‘likes’. It’s also frustrating as this practice clogs up the notifications area with meaningless stars.

    Just an idea as I doubt I am the only one to feel this way about ‘like’. I’m not saying get rid of the function but more to make it something that can be opted in or out of (completely).




    I agree strongly. Likes mean nothing to me. I don’t want my page to have some statistic that says more people read it than really do. I don’t want people to be tricked into linking to my page, I want them to look for it specifically. I’ve gotten a number of them and while I’m not sure some of them are straight up spam they don’t add anything to the conversation, and some of them seem to be just for self promotion, as the original poster stated.




    thanks pete. I actually do have that “show likes button per post” that only shows a like button when you choose to on an individual post, but I still get Likes occasionally. It was a little cryptic but it kind of seemed like people who were logged in word press users could still “Like” a post from their reader, even if there was no button to click. It seems like that is impossible to block, if I’m not mistaken.


    You are correct, even if you have the likes not showing (‘show likes per post) people can still ‘like’ a post from the Reader as the like button is never disabled, it still shows on a post in Reader whatever option you select. The option to disable ‘likes’ should be there for those of us who hate such faux things



    Thanks for the link, Pete. Like griptuk and redsoulnights, I’ve already disabled the ‘like’ function as much as possible as described on that page. However, as the others have said if a post comes up on the reader or under a tag, it’s still possible to click ‘like’ and for it to be registered under site stats. That’s what I would suggest needs to be changed. It seems to be a simple oversight.


    I wish it was oversight, alicedomiczek, but from my earlier posts about this subject and reading what the staff has said, the like option from the Reader and other places is here to stay. If I turned off the option of “like” in one location, my wish would be it was turned off for all.

    From what I’ve learned, internet etiquette requires that you check out their blog for every like, follow, and comment you get and try to reciprocate. Well, I’ve broke that rule over and over.


    @ WP Bloggers – Perhaps if the “likes” were not on WP, people would have to actually read the post and comment.

    I don’t know. It is aggravating when people like your post all day, but never comment and just “like.” I have noticed this more lately. No comments, just likes. I do not even look at the likes, only comments.

    I look at the comments and followers. “Likes” really do not appeal to me at all. A “like” is saying, “hey I stopped here and not reading…bye.” Oh, and, “I left you a link to my blog to promote my site, but I didn’t read anything.”

    The “likes” just do not seem to fit with the WP bloggers. WP bloggers are very serious writers. They are not teen bloggers on some of the other sites. The “likes” are fine on Tumblr or FB, but not here.

    I love WordPress.com. but not the “likes.”



    Or maybe they won’t read the post and comment, “Like” spammers only do it to try and tempt you into looking at their blog.

    Just yesterday I had someone like five posts in a row a minute apart, unless he’s a really quick reader that can read 1000 words a minute I doubt he was actually interested in the content I posted. That’s not to say I don’t want actual readers from liking my post.

    And there’s a widget called “Posts I Like” which I like having on my blog as it directs my readers to posts I’ve recently enjoyed.

    WP bloggers are very serious writers.

    I’m not a very serious writer, if I was, I’d have my own self hosted blog.

    It’s not a big deal to me because I know it’s a feature that they’ll never change. A small amount of people against 30 million active blogs isn’t going to make a change. The social forums disappearing is proof of this.




    I hear you! The fact that the “like” button and the “sharing” buttons can be clicked in several locations without the person ever visting the blog and creating a page view stat is aggravating. My RSS Feed is set to summary to compel people to click in and read the whole post on my site thereby creating a page view stat. I also disabled the display of the like button and sharing buttons on the front page of my blog. http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com/2012/07/09/wordpress-followers-likes-and-stats/

    Blogging used to be focused on making actual connections, leaving meaningful comments and community building. Roboposting, like and sharing button click-mania appear to be the new face of blogging — clicky, clicky, clicky. What’s not to like if you aren’t really a reader? Jump on the clicky, clicky, clicky kiddy bandwagon and don’t forget to set up your zombie roboposter, now y’hear?


    Timethief, I remember that suggestion about setting the feed to summary. The reason I have not done this is because it carries over to the emails that are sent out to subscribers. I have a few followers who have no interest in coming to the site itself, but like reading my content. They usually email or phone me if they have something to comment about a post. I’ve been hesitant to switch because of them.

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