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    I changed my blog address, and did not check the box to disable the old address. I could not find a way afterward to disable the old address, so I transfered the old address to another email address of mine, and cannot access it without a password. How do I disable my old URL?

    The blog I need help with is lawrenromero.wordpress.com.


    If you go into the dashboard on the old URL you can then set it to private at settings > privacy. I always suggest keeping sites and not deleting them in case you might want to use it again in the future. Once you delete a site, that URL is gone forever and no one, including you, can get it back.


    Hi Sacred Path,

    I have two blogs under the same account attached to the same email address. I would like to disable one of the blogs, but keep the other one active. What do you advise?




    Set one to Private, just as he said above.

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