Disappeared menus off home page anyone?

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    Boohoo, my list of recent posts and links has disappeared off my home page. It appears, weirdly enough, if you open a particular post, there they all are. But nothing on the home page which is a total bummer since I have no idea how to fix it and am not well versed in fixing IT thingies. The use of the word thingy should alert you to this : ) Help? WordPress says their support dudes are off brainstorming and won’t fix it till next Tuesday at the earliest. I’m nonplussed.

    The blog I need help with is cakesandshakes.wordpress.com.



    They’re not gone: they’re underneath all your posts, at the very bottom of the page, because either you’ve used an image that’s too wide (like The Scream, which is huge) or because you copy/pasted from somewhere, resulting in unclosed HTML tags.

    Go to Settings->General (or it might be Settings->Writing) and make sure you’ve selected “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML” which will prevent that from happening again. Then set your blog to display only one post on the main page (Settings again, either General or Reading) and click through until you find the one where the sidebar vanishes again. Edit that one, do anything like change something to italic or add a comma, then Update. The whole thing should be fixed.

    If it’s that you have an image that’s too large, make it smaller.


    Thanks a mill. Once I eventually located where the ‘settings’ button was, I fixed it : )

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