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disappearing blogname in My Dashboards

  1. I have 2 blogs. When I selected the drop-down menu under My Dashboards, both names are visible. But when I mouse over one to select it, the name disappears and the unselected one remains. This started happening a couple of weeks ago. Any solution?

  2. Do I understand correctly that you mean the "My Dashboards" menu in the gray Admin bar at the top of this page? It seems like staff have been at work in the background and the hover color of the link to your second blog's Dashboard is now the same color as the background color of the drop down menu. Bad usability choice in my opinion, but there it is.

    For what it's worth, for me this behavior only started happening a few days ago. Before that if I hovered my mouse over the link the background color would change. Granted not great, but made it a bit easier to see.

  3. @marshadurham

    Same thing happen to me last night on my friends computer
    but I haven't had this issue with own computer yet...

  4. teck07-what do you see on your computer? (now saying this might be a new feature gone awry.)

  5. Thanks for the details. Yes, it's the MY DASHBOARDS drop-down in the gray Admin bar. It's not a life and death problem because even though the blog name disappears, I can click the space and it works. It's a minor irritation and I was hoping for an easy fix-it. But it looks as if I'll have to live with it unless the WordPress techies decide to change it.

    Thanks for responding, Marsha

  6. Yes, it's happening that way for me, too.

    Tell the techies directly; they might not know. Contact Support via your dashboard.

  7. Duly contacted. (looking for a bigger rock to hide under)

  8. @justjennifer

    I see when I highlight my blog names a blue highlight over the names...


  9. As I said above, I contacted support earlier and Anthony replied that mine was the first they'd heard about it, and I pointed him to this thread. If you are experiencing this yourself, please drop Support a note via your Dashboard.

  10. Forgot to mention this from my own computer not my friends...

    The blue highlight could be from my Firefox theme

    Here is a Screen Shot of what I see...


  11. @justjennifer

    It displays fine on my computer it was my friends computer
    my names disappeared so there is no need for me to
    send support anything it could be your computer cuz
    like I said displays fine on my computer but not on
    my friends comp....

  12. It definitely is browser specific because I just upgraded to FF3 on my work computer and the disappearing problem is resolved.

  13. Problem solved--my blog's name is highlighted in blue when I want to select it.

  14. @marshadurham
    Can you please mark this thread resolved since this issue is resolved for you.


  15. @justjennifer,
    Thank for noticing that issue... My friend has FF2 and I have FF3
    it didn't dawn on me that the browser could of been the issue in till
    you mentioned something about it...

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