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Disappearing Dashboard

  1. I've been running my WordPress blog for a year and a half using Windows IE 6.0 on an XP 2000 OS with no problem, then all of a sudden about a month ago my WordPress dashboard disappeared. When the page loads, I get the "done" indicator on the lower left tool bar, but also with the 'exclamation point warning sign' alerting me to the load error of "object required."

    The WordPress tech I emailed said to try upgrading to IE 7. So I did. Not only did all those tabs annoy me, it also didn't fix my problem. So I went back to 6. I tried a system restore. I tried getting rid of Service Pack (SP) 2 (***warning, SP2 is a disaster. Avoid it at ALL costs). Nothing.

    Does anyone else have this problem? It's VERY frustrating, since the only way you can manage and edit your blog is by going through the WordPress homepage.

    Please help!!


  2. What do you mean by dashboard? From the description I would think you were talking about the admin bar (blue bar).


  3. My guess would be that you need to clean out your browser objects. Try (on IE 7 - IE 6 is only slightly different) Tools -> General -> (in the browsing history part) Delete -> Temporary Internet Files.
    If that does not work, clean out the form data as well.

  4. Woops...I meant the admin bar.

  5. Believe it or not, I haven't had an admin bar in the forums here for quite awhile, yet it works on other blogs I visit on I think both of us should send a feedback into staff through our admin area of our blogs.


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