Disappearing from Tag page after I log out

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    I know this has been asked before, because I remember seeing it before I knew I had this problem myself…I can’t find the original post, though, so I’m sorry for repeating.

    Anyway, I just started my blog about a month or two ago. At first I was getting a lot of traffic through tags, but now I don’t get any. As far as I know, I use relevant tags, a reasonable amount, etc…I mean, I feel like I’m using tags correctly.

    I just noticed, though, that when I’m logged in, my posts show up on the tag’s page (the ‘Blogs About: tag’ page), but when I log out my post immediately disappears from the page. Why does this happen? Is there anything I can do to make my posts show up there again…i would really like to get traffic again through tags.

    If I don’t seem to be using tags correctly, please let me know.




    does no one know the answer? Or is the answer painfully obvious or something?


    All the normal things that would cause this don’t seem to apply.

    Are you by chance writing posts and setting the dates so that they actually appear on your blog at a later date?


    Actually I do see some things. Having duplicate tags and categories can cause issues. In your latest post you have it assigned to a category called school, and also have a tag called school. In the post about the VMA’s, you actually have two “stephenie meyer” tags. Again, that can cause issues.

    Go through your posts and make sure you don’t have any duplicates or any places where you have a tag and a category with the same name.

    Both tags and categories are treated the same when it comes to the global tags pages.


    A friend and I have been doing some research, and this is definitely a problem.

    I’ve contacted support about it and will post back here when I get a response.



    Thanks so much for your help!



    I did go back and take out duplicate tags, and tags I also had as categories.

    I logged out, and I’m suddenly appearing on the pages where my posts were previously disappearing. So…i guess the problem is now fixed?


    I’m still seeing it on a blog that I post on regularly, so I don’t know that it is entirely fixed, but I’m glad we got to the bottom of your issue.



    I’ve seen this reported several times. It may or may not be related to the autopost issue, ie you set something to post later and it never turns up in tag pages until you edit it. I recommend editing the posts in question, just in case, and reporting back if that fixes things or not.


    Not in at least my case over at onecoolsite. Nothing has brought them back. For a while they were there when I was logged in, but not when I was logged out and then they disappeared alltogether. None of the posts have been scheduled.

    We’ll see what staff says.



    I’ve never scheduled something to post later, and it was happening to me. I’m anxious to see staff’s response.



    http://knichole.wordpress.com/ – I see no reason for it to have happened.
    http://onecoolsite.wordpress.com/ – I regularly see on the ‘How To’ news section and again it should be okay.
    Sorry if it has happened though.

    If it happens again to either of these blogs don’t edit the post. Come back to this thread and I’ll take a look.


    Thanks Mark, Alex found one link in the post on offline editors that I guess is now considered “taboo” (the Lycos offline editor). We removed that link.

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