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disappearing header

  1. Hi, the custom header for my site has disappeared.
    The site is
    I'm using "Neat", with an uploaded image for the custom header.

    It was there yesterday ... help?

  2. pornstarbabylon

    Did you delete it from your Media Library?

  3. Did you buy the Custom CSS upgrade? If you did, that overrides the custom header uploader and you'll have to add your header via the CSS code, not the regular uploader.

  4. santafegrassrootsobama

    I'm having the same problem. I can see the header when my blog loads on my computer, but others are complaining that they see only a black bar. I am using the Cutline template, and my address is I did not delete the header from my media library, nor have I purchased the custom CSS upgrade. Thanks!

  5. It loaded just fine for me; very quickly, in fact. I'm using FF 2.0.14(?). Maybe it's a browser issue?

    Sometimes this is a problem when the file is too big; it just doesn't load. But that doesn't look like the problem you have.

  6. Hi,

    no, I haven't deleted the file (just checked).
    It's just the the basic theme, no custom anything, no upgrades.

    It worked absolutely fine for about a week, then suddenly it's not there at all.
    I've checked it in Safari (Mac), Firefox (on both a Mac and a PC) and IE (PC) and it ain't there now.


  7. It could well be a server issue, if the header image server is having conniptions. Report it to staff during office hours and hopefully they'll either fix it or move it to a new server.

  8. I'm also using Firefox/ and the header image
    did not load when I clicked on your URL I would contact
    staff by using the link Raincoaster, provided...

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