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    Hi everyone-

    I’ve got a disappearing header image in the fjords layout… no real customizations, just tried to upload a new one, and now the old one won’t even restore! AHHHHRRGHHH



    It’s always easier to help someone who has provided full information and remedies can be found more quickly when full information is provided.

    Are you using the visual rich text editor?
    Have your pre-sized the image that you are trying to upload to the exact size for Fjord’s?
    Have you looked here to find “the old one” -> Manage -> Uploads?
    What is your operating system?
    Which browser and version of it are you using?
    What is the url of the wordpress.com blog in question?
    Have you paid for a css upgrade or are you just using the preview?



    *sigh* Some details would help.

    Browser, browser version, OS, and any security programs.

    Is the older header image within your manage -> uploads area?

    The URL for your blog in question?

    Do you have the CSS upgrade?

    What do these header images look like?



    … lol … now where did I put that crystal ball?

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