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    I recently changed my them to Twenty-Twelve, added a tiled background image and a header image. On two occasions now while I’ve been editing a post (once) and a page (once) to find that the header image vanished from the blog. It still appears in the Media library but in Appearance -> Header the radio button is present but no image is visible. I find I have to upload it again to fix the problem. Any ideas why this is and how to avoid it?
    There is supposed to be a banner image with L-R the moon, a fog filled valley and a set set.

    The blog I need help with is richardleonard.wordpress.com.


    This is continuing and seems to occur randomly when I refresh a page or post on my blog. At first I had to re-upload the image but now I have two copies of it in my media library and one of them will always be available in the list of available images in the Dashboard -> Appearances -> header menu. It’s starting to get frustrating.
    Thanks for your help.

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