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    Starting last Thursday, all my images have ceased to be displayed on my blog. I have been uploading a variety of formats now for 4 months, jpg, gif, bmp, png, all without incident. Now, suddenly, none of them are visible. I can see their thumbs using manage/uploads, but when I click on them, I get a 404 error.

    I am using windows live writer (latest beta) to post, and firefox to view.

    What gives?



    I can see images in your posts on your front page now using firefox and a clicked back 3 pages under previous entries and do see images. But this come and go images problem sounds like the kind of thing that volunteers on the forum cannot help you with. Your blog probably needs a backend fix and that can only be done by staff. So I’m sorry to say you will have to send staff a feedback on Monday.


    I just dug a little deeper and found that it is only the images for the 7-8 posts. Not sure what is going on here. Sometimes, when I load the page, I can see them and access them on wordpress.files..etc.. other times they will be gone, with a 404 error when I try to view them through the manage/uploads.

    I wish I could get some feed back on this.



    Did you send feedback to staff as suggested by TimeThief? That’s the best thing to do at this point. Use the Feedback button in the upper right corner of the dashboard.


    Yep (yesterday morning), just waiting for a reply…



    Working on it right now. I fixed a problem with posting through an xmlrpc client (like Windows Live Writer), but we do periodical syncs of our servers so any images that appear and disappear and appear again will be fixed by those synchronisations.
    We’re still looking into it to make sure we have all vectors covered but I’d appreciate any more feedback, especially if it is still happening (after the date and time this message is posted)


    Thanks for the reply! Most of the images are now back. There are a couple that are still not being shown. Additionally, there are one or two (that I found) that are shown, but give a 404 error when clicked on.

    Overall though, the majority seem to be OK.




    I would send in feedback with specific links to the ones you are still having issues with. Just stated that you’re still seeing 404s just makes staff guess as to what is occuring. If they have a link, they can see it. :)


    will do, but be warned: it is not a consistent issue. sometimes it is one image other times it is another…



    Oh, in that case it’s those SixApart gremlins yet again. :)



    I sent a link.

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