Disappearing 'Likes' – anyone home …?

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    I’m fairly sure I’ve done it to myself, but I cannot work out where/how when I go through my CSS alterations.
    The fact is that my ‘Likes’ have entirely disappeared.
    If there’s anyone there on a Sunday, may I have some help, please ?

    The blog I need help with is margaretrosestringer.com.



    It looks like you’ve hidden your entire Sharing section, including likes, with this custom CSS:

    .post-10823 div.sharedaddy, #content div.sharedaddy, #main div.sharedaddy {
    	clear: both;
    	display: none;

    If you remove that bit of CSS your Likes and sharing buttons should return.


    And yet that is meant to be relevant ONLY to post 10823, Kathryn.
    Can you explain to me why it isn’t, please?


    Sorry: should’ve added “because I don’t want Likes appearing on either of those two stickies at the head of my post”; and whilst you’re quite correct (of course !) about what happens when I remove that coding, the Likes return to my nav post. :-(


    Hi M.R., to hide the sharing on a sticky post, I would use this:

    .post-10823 div.sharedaddy {
        display: none;

    Is that what you are looking for?

    The code @kathrynwp quoted above has some additional selectors which are not limited to the single post (by unique post class).

    What she quoted from your CSS:
    .post-10823 div.sharedaddy, #content div.sharedaddy, #main div.sharedaddy

    What it should be if you were wanting to limit the selectors to a specific post:
    .post-10823 div.sharedaddy, .post-10823 #content div.sharedaddy, .post-10823 #main div.sharedaddy


    Oh, RICH !! – I HATE it when you’re not around, I really do.
    I don’t suppose you could stop having weekends off …? What’s that ? – your family wouldn’t be frightfully thrilled …?
    Sighh …
    I don’t know where I went wrong, you know: at one point it was all fine and neither sticky was showing anything by way of ‘extras’. And then I did something fucking stupid (as is my wont) and lo and behold, they were back on the ‘nav page’. And you away from your desk and unaware of my TRAGEDY !!!!
    Thanks so much !!!! I can really never thank you enough. I might have to post about you again …


    M.R. you are welcome as always. I’ll try to keep my time off to a minimum. :)

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