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Disappearing links

  1. Greetings again all,

    In, the free software that can be downloaded and used anywhere on any server, Links were no longer enabled by default on new installs. The code was still present, but needed to be activated.

    On, we have not disabled Links for sites, new or old. The issue with this glitch is we brought over new code from the project that had a small bug in it. Through your reports, we found it and fixed both .com and .org.

    Regarding pingbacks, there was an issue that prevented incoming pingbacks on sites with custom domains set as primary, but that was resolved now. If you're still having issues with incoming pingbacks, please do open a new thread and ask a volunteer to flag it for staff attention.

    I do apologize if our response is not what you expected. We do our best, and rely on the awesome volunteers that help in the forums.

    Thanks all for your patience.

  2. kraftbj

    Thanks for the feedback and info on the state of link lists. I'm glad the issue was a glitch and not the result of support for links being removed from, as per a past statement from macmanx (which was referred to earlier in this thread), see:

    Could you please indicated whether any decision has been made with regards to the overall support of link lists, particularly in light of the comment from viper007bond in the same thread, namely:

    Are we still possibly going to see the Links feature removed in the future?

  3. Hi Inara,

    It's possible it may be removed in the future, though we haven't advanced the conversation beyond what was discussed in that thread from last year.

    Since the Links concept as an independent piece of WordPress is one the way out (e.g. the core only has it enabled through a line of code, either manually added or via a plugin), I would suspect we wouldn't remove it nor make any improvements to it, though if the code running Links becomes incompatible with other changes/advancements, functionality may be limited. For example, we're working on our new dashboard (what you can experience if you uncheck the "classic" experience setting at ). That new dashboard will likely never include Links support.

    In short, I don't believe we would remove it just for the sake of removing it and not without some warning, as you're right, there are plenty of people that use it.

    I hope that helps. If you have any more questions, please do let me know. Cheers!

  4. Er ... and can you explain why it is on the way out? I mean, why? What purpose is this serving?

  5. That is, if it isn't "wasting your time" to revisit this discussion.

  6. Hi David,

    Not a waste of time at all. The short answer is the Links functionality was originally built without the ability to be extended beyond how it works now. Within WordPress core (what the "" version is called that is the base of, as well as what runs all WordPress sites), the "posts" feature became more and more powerful and able to be extended relatively easily. For example, on themes like Stay that has a hotel rooms listing option or Panel with a separate "comics" section, both of those pieces are actually just "custom post types" (CPTs), or posts that are internally designated to be something other than a normal "post" or "page".

    Between CPTs and the Custom Menu functionality, the Links functionality could be done served better by one of those, so it made sense to begin the process to retire the code in WordPress core.

    That said, we (the broader open-source developer community, not just don't want to cause things to break. When Links were removed from new installs of, it continued working without issue on older installations. Even the code for Links was left in completely, only disabling it, so it would be relatively easy to enable it if desired. If you're running a site, you can install the Links Manager plugin, which is actually, for now, just one line to re-activate the dormant code.

    In the end, the idea is that eventually the code would be removed from and exist all within the plugin, so folks who want the Links functionality would still have it while keeping the core product "lean".

    The Links functionality hasn't been removed into a plugin at this point. I can't say with certainty what the end result will be, but I don't foresee removing the feature if it is only a matter of enabling the plugin internally on our end to have it work.

    Perhaps a bit too lengthy of an answer, but in short, while the Links functionality is "on the way out" in the broader WordPress world, there is no current plan or timeline to remove it from Hope that helps!

  7. Not too lengthy at all! What people were waiting for. Thank you.

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