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disappearing paragraph breaks

  1. Please help, I cannot get any paragraph breaks to appear in my posts. I keep updating and editing my posts to try and insert the breaks but they always just disappear when I save or publish.

    I am typing my text in Word application and copying and pasting to the blog. Is this causing a problem?

  2. (1) It's not WORD that's causing your problem. It's the editor. This will do the trick.
    <p> </p>
    (2) However, WORD is problematic because microsoft invented their their own html code bits for WORD. Thus when we use it there's a whole bunch of garbage code bits the wordpress programming must strip out.
    (3) If you want to prepare your posts off-line the way I do WORD is a poor choice. A better choice to make would be to download a free copy of BlogDesk

  3. sorry about the duplicate post :(

  4. Thanks so much. I've downloaded BlogDesk and will see if I can find a place to insert that code into my most recent posting!

  5. You're welcome :)

  6. I have the same problem and I am using Dreamweaver.

  7. I would suggest an offline editor instead of Dreamweaver. It's meant for making web pages and inserts all sorts of stuff into the file. Download and use one of the offline editors. Timethief has gathered the information about all of them together and posted it on her wordpress resources blog:

  8. In addition, if you are pasting it into the wordpress editor window in Safari, it won't work. Safari isn't supported by the online editor made by TinyMCE. Firefox works very well, or Camino, but not Safari. If you use Safari you have to turn off the visual rich text editor. Users, click edit on the line with your name and then deselect "use visual rich text editor."

  9. Thank you.

  10. You're very welcome. Happy blogging.

  11. @thesacredspace
    I think you meant -> Users -> Your Profile when you referred to the page where you can turn of the visual rich text editor.

  12. @timethief
    That works! :)

    I sort of short-cutted it and shouldn't have. You can get to it by clicking "edit" at the end of the line with your username as well.

  13. I just tried your shortcut - cool. ;)

  14. Not sure if it's really a shortcut or not, but certainly redundant?

  15. Ahhh ... yes but isn't redundancy a given when it comes to IT? :)

  16. I would hope so. As we all know, "stuff" can (will) happen.

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