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    I had a blog entry written up for a contest entry, and I went in to change one element of the text. All of a sudden, all the photos disappeared and whiel they are still in the gallery, I cannot get them to show up in the post whatsoever. I insert them and then try to update and they just disappear. Please help me!

    The blog I need help with is bethsjourney.com.


    @bethsjourney This is something we’re looking into right now. I’ll keep you updated and, in the meantime, sorry for the trouble.



    Do you need to know which entry it is? It’s from 11/16/2010 the POM Party Recap



    Im having the same problem. It seems to be happening in both Firefox and google Chrome. Please get this fixed :D


    I have the above mentioned problem as well.
    I had three posts prepared for my blog.
    When I tried to publish them, all pictures disappeared, only the text remained.
    And I cannot upload any new pictures either.

    HELP !!



    Ditto. Glad I’m not the only one. Will wait for updates. Thanks.
    I’ve got my posts save in drafts.



    I’m content to wait until this is sorted out, but in case it’s a helpful tidbit for the WP folks… in my case it wasn’t images that disappeared but ALL my links. I had done a post and had a list of ten sources used. When I saved some new changes to the text, all the links were gone. I went back to an earlier revision and retrieved them but when I saved again, they were all gone again as well as the formatting for the ordered list I’d created and also for my paragraphs.

    That’s when I headed over here and decided to wait until it’s sorted out.



    Yes, like fracas, I’ve noticed any formatting or linking is also disappearing.



    There must be some system program update that went online without having been properly tested.

    As soon as you a picture is inserted into a post, the images can not be found and the edit program instead takes your text following the image link and uses it as the picture, and everything after that is a total jumble.

    I am sure that it all will be resolved within hours, so just go to bed and wait until tomorrow.



    Yes, to all of you who’s timezones are bedtime. May as well rest it off and save your words in drafts.

    As for me (in Sydney and it is 15:54), will go shopping and return to my posts :)



    Yup. Bed is calling me too.



    Uff… I need to show my blog at University tomorrow… and everything went missing :(


    It’s not just photos either… Besides having trouble with them, as of tonight, I’m having trouble with the formatting on my posts – tried to put up an article, dragging the template from my word editing program as usual, but when I click publish, all my paragraph spacing disappears. (Adding default double spacing, etc., not allowing different fonts/rich formatting.)

    Any ideas on how long before this will be fixed?



    Major major problems with formatting my new post tonight!! It all looks fine until I hit preview and then everything goes haywire and jumbles up at the bottom. I have html code in there for a baseball standings table, and the code completely vanishes when I hit preview and the table won’t format. I know you’re working on the vanishing pictures tonight but MANY THINGS are crapping out.



    Me too. Images and links and formatting disappear when I go to save a new page or blog post! Frustrating ~


    I had this problem too. While I don’t wish this on anyone, glad to see I wasn’t alone.



    Lol, i thought I must have mixed my drink too strong :) Glad to know I’m not alone, my posts went totally insane, formatting, pictures links, colors everything….



    Have only had this blog up for two days and plan to post daily, but I need the formatting to work properly. How often do these kinds of glitches occur? Where and how do we report them? How will we be notified of resolutions? Thank you.



    Have you at WordPress considered freezing updates, or at least telling users as they log in that it isn’t working and they can’t revert to a previous save if they try to update something?


    Well played, WP, well played, indeed.

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