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Disappearing Pictures

  1. Pictures from old posts are gone when I view my blog. I don't get it?!? It's starting to look like crap. What gives? Thanks.

  2. sign out clear your cookies and cache
    and if that don't fix it re upload the photos
    for that post add re add them to the post... =)

    if that don't work contact support...


  3. I am experiencing the SAME thing all of a sudden today also.

    Last time I had this problem, it was because I had cleaned out my gallery / library. But not this time. My pics are all there when I go to my EDIT / ADMIN mode. But when in VIEW mode, some pics are gone.

  4. Oh and btw... this occurred right AFTER I cleared cache, cleared cookies and rebooted.

  5. your pictures are fine but you really should have warned us. Those pictures aren't work-safe

  6. No, they are NOT fine. But I have contacted Support, thanx.

    BTW, my tags should indicate that they are not 'work safe'....but then again, that's a matter of opinion. Some workplaces are fine with it. :)

  7. I can't see any missing images there - has the problem been resolved?

  8. Actually, there's no need to get snippy with volunteers in the forums. The pictures displayed fine for me - how else do you think I could have made the comment about them not being worksafe? The alternative is that I could have just marked your blog mature but I didn't do that. What I did was leave a message to warn others.

  9. Sorry vivianpage. I was frustrated because of my incident a few days ago. I didn't mean to be snippy with you.

    The problem may be resolved because the pics are there now. (Vivian, the separate post I put on the forum here listed the exact link where the pics were not showing up. It wasn't on the top post. sorry for the confusion.)

    Anyway, it seems OK right now. Apologies for confusion.


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