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    I sometimes copy and paste images into my posts. It may be a picture of someone from Google Images or an image of a DVD movie from Amazon. They are typically thumbprint sized. Today I looked at my blog and some of the images are gone…in one case there is a box there with a red x and in others there is writing stating, for example, “donut jpeg” below where the image was when I posted it. I recently started using Performacing, the Firefox blog editor extension. I’m wondering if that has anything to do with my disappearing pictures? Anyone else have this problem?



    Please see the top sticky.


    I have a similar problem. I uploaded my pics [my poems]. It was there when I posted. Now I go back to the old post and found the pic is lost. The placeholder is there. I already sent a feedback, but with no response.

    So I’m wondering that the pics get deleted if its certain old or do we have a limit of total size for ALL our upload pics. I have uploaded quite a few pics of my poems. So I’m wondering as I add new, the older ones get trashed?

    help please




    Tha answer you are seeking to the upload maximum is in the top forum sticky.


    I couldn’t find it :(

    There is a link to DrMike’s post, which doesn’t say about maximum pic uploads.

    timethief, please note its not the pic is too big in size. I had already uploaded and the pic was viewable before. It disappeared sometime later.

    Anyhow I uploaded it again today [since I’m not getting any answers].



    How much space do we have for pictures?
    The limit is currently at 50 megs.

    If it’s still disappearing then send in a feedback.



    I am having a similar problem. I can see my pictures while I am composing but they dont appear on the site. Please help. My pictures are the result of a heavy effort from adobe rather than copying from google..Hence I am sad they dont appear.



    I have just visited your blog and with my firefox browser I see pictures in almost every one of your posts. IMO you really should consider registering for free third party hosting from flickr or photobucket for the originals. Then you could have thumbnials on your site linked to the originals. This would be good for your readers as the pages would load much more quickly. It would be partcularly good for those on dial-up service. And it would give your readers a choice of whether or not to click on the thumbnails to see the originals.

    Would you please be more specific about what your problem is?

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