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disappearing posts

  1. Hello, I am just wondering if anyone has been having a similar problem...

    In the last couple of days I have written 2 posts...but when I went and clicked on publish, and then went to view my blog they were not there...even though the yellow bar came up at the top of the "write post" page saying "post saved". I then go back into the "write post" page, thinking that it would be there, saved, but they weren't...they just disappeared. This happened once yesterday and then just a few minutes ago. Anyone else experiencing this?

  2. Did you try doing a forced reload of your blog's homepage to see if they would show up?

    Are the posts listed on your Manage Posts page?

    Are you behind a proxy or some type of cache server?

  3. Dr Mike
    Sorry for taking so long to get back to your response.

    I did force a reload and the post still did not show up. The two missing posts are not on my "manage posts" page and I am not really sure what you mean by "behind a proxy or some kind of cache server"....I clear my cookies and temp internet files on a regular basis, but I am not too sure if that is what you mean.

  4. I sent in a feedback on this one. I can't help more since I don't have access tot he backend.

  5. There were some code problems.
    They should all be fixed - any oddness, send a feedback.

  6. Thank You :)

  7. I am having the exact same problem. I create a post, save it, and it just disappears. However, the TITLE of the post gets published to the blog but all content is gone.

  8. Need a lot more details please. Browser, os, any security programs you have running, what are you using to write these posts, which editor are you using, are you copying and pasting into an editor?

    Can you walk us through specifically what you are doing?

  9. I have tried on a Mac OS as well as Windows XP - 3 different machines total. I am writing directly into the editor. I click the "write" link. I create a title and post. The moment I hit "save", I see the text body disappear. The yellow box appears and says "post saved". But the title is the only thing that saves. The post itself disappears.

  10. If this is for the blog, you're in the wrong place. These forums are only for the blogs hosted here at as we're running different software. You need to be over at as that's the support site for the software.

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