Disappearing searches in stats page?

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    This isn’t really important, just something that I’ve been really curious about the past few days.

    Is there a reason that a search strategy should disappear from my stats page? I’m talking about having a search listed, and then it’s gone from my stats page a few hours later. I know that not all searches are posted (which is fine) but I don’t know why they’d be deleted after being listed.

    I think this has been happening for a while, but I’ve been blaming my own abstentmindedness. I’m sure now that it’s not just in my head – the terms stuck out and so I finally noticed they were actually disappearing. :)



    Have you tried clicking on the words “Search Engine Terms” and seeing the full listings? IIRC, only the top 3 are on the first page.

    Also remember that the WP boxes run on UTC time. Midnight for them, which is when the results roll over to the next day, shows up differently than midnight for the rest of us.

    Hope this helps,



    Ah, thank you. I get ten searches displayed on the page and I didn’t realize that they were getting bumped by other searches. The ones that “disappeared” were farther down the list when I clicked on Search Engine Terms.

    Thanks for the tip!


    I REALLY want to know by what search engines people are seeing my listed. I’m getting some weird search terms and I’d think I’d be listed as 1 million in any search engine. Any tips?



    Copying the search phrases into the search engines and seeing for yourself?

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