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Disappearing subscribers

  1. jennamarynowski

    My blog used to have about ~1,700 subscribers. Overnight the statistic on my homepage went down to ~200 followers. I have a hard time believing that many people unsubscribed overnight, and think it's more likely it was a glitch. Has anyone else had that problem? Thanks!
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  2. If it's only happened recently, give it a day or two. This sort of thing happens from time to time.

  3. jennamarynowski

    Thanks for your help. I think it's been about a week. We're back up to ~800, so hopefully it's sorting itself out.

  4. There was a sticky post at the head of the forum which has been removed. Publicize Follower Counts not showing, or showing incorrectly

  5. jennamarynowski

    Ah, that makes sense - thanks for posting. I still don't have them all back, but it's more than it was before.

  6. I'm glad that helped you.

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