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    I’ve had a tag cloud for a couple of weeks now and it keeps disappearing. I turn it on, save it, see that it’s on my blog then a few days later it’s just not there anymore. Does anyone else experience this? It’s happening here: http://embracingencaustic.wordpress.com . You should see a tag cloud there now…




    I see a tag cloud using firefox However I do know that last weekend others were having “disappearance” problems.


    Good to know! Maybe they are just still working out the bugs. I looked for a topic on this and didn’t see one. Do you know of a thread I should be reading? Thanks.



    There are a whole bunch of disappearing widget threads, but none specific to the tag cloud that I recall. In any case, staff asked you to send in a Feedback because it’s a touchy thing that might need them to fix it.


    This is helpful. I had wondered what I had done to make the tag cloud go away (twice).



    If these problems are persisting then the only way staff will know that is if you send in feedbacks.


    will do. Thanks so much for your help!



    My tag cloud disappeared a few days back. I found it down in the available widgets and reinstated it. I noticed it had in the meantime been reconfigured to allow sizing, which is a great improvement that I took advantage of straight away. Saved the restored widgets and all has been well ever since.



    My tag cloud vanished 2 or 3 times in the past couple weeks. Each time it was back with all the unused widgets. All is good the last several days.


    Same story here as ellaella. It’s fine now, though.



    Same story here.

    Lost the tag cloud once, when the widget was configured to allow sizing.

    Lost it twice more after that – each time I have modified the text1 widget it has gone down into the unused widget box.

    Sizing preferences seem to remain saved down there, so it’s still configured when and if you do ever need to reinstall it.



    I’ve had the same problem with the Tag Could widget, also with the Box.net widget, twice. I’ve sent feedback both times.



    That’s the correct thing to do. Now all you need is to exercise patience until Mark gets back to you. :)

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