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    Hi, Folks- I just spent two hours writing a blog entry (and a good one, too, if I do say so). When I hit “Preview”. to see how it looked, the entire body of the entry disappeared, and I haven’t been able to find it, no matter how many “restore” buttons I click on. The title remained, but everything in the text box- gone. I thought there was some kind of automatic backup, but I can’t find anything of the kind, or, at least, what I can find is blank, too. Can anybody help with this, or is it just gone? Thanks. John

    The blog I need help with is johnbrownson.wordpress.com.


    You might like to read through this post:


    The automatic backup kicks in when you click ‘save’ for the first time, not before. And you should be able to find previous versions (called ‘revisions’) in a module somewhere on the post editor page. It’ll appear after you’ve saved the first time. If you can’t see it there, scroll up to the top of the post editor window to where you’ll see a tab called ‘screen options’ and check ‘revisions’ and it should appear.



    Well, there you are: I didn’t know I had to click “save”. I was under the impression that my text was being saved as I wrote, without my having to do anything to initiate it.
    Evidently, I’ve just been lucky, as I’ve never lost an entry before. The bug finally caught up with me. Now I know. I hate to kvetch about something I’m getting for free, but why not have the ‘save” feature kick in automatically? Just ask’n.
    Thanks for responding so quickly.



    The best way to make sure your text doesn’t go poof is to immediately set your blog post as Private when you’re just starting it, then Publish. That locks it in. Then you can blog and Update and it will save. Then, when you’re ready, hit Public and poof, it all works.

    It SHOULD autosave as you go along. Something is seriously wrong with the autosave and has been for a couple of months. People are very upset about it, but nobody has yet found the cause.


    Something is seriously wrong with the autosave and has been for a couple of months.

    Oh, bad news. Two months is approaching the end-time when it automatically becomes a feature instead of a bug.



    I get the feeling that nobody actually bothers to deal with the bugs anymore.


    Unfortunately suggesting things for the functions (or anything else, really) on these forums is like spitting into the wind – pointless. Most of the people who address problems in these forums are volunteers. If you see ‘staff’ or ‘happiness engineer’ beneath someone’s username, they’re just that – otherwise, we’re just normal bloggers who come by to help.

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