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Disappearing translations in GlotPress

  1. I recently translated some german strings and checked the "Translated" counter on It said 8900 strings after importing my translations.

    When checking again today it only says 8889 strings. What happened there? Where did the 11 translated string go?

    If someone rejected my translations this would be okay. But I'm interested who's the one and why were they rejected. This would help for future translations.

  2. Now it's 8886 strings. What is going on?

  3. By the way, I'm one of the two validators if this is of any help.

  4. And now 8883 translated strings. I'm stumped.

  5. Hey, sorry about a late response and the frustration. Did you check the total number of strings, too? The total number of translatable strings is not static, strings are continuously added/removed/replaced as our team is working on the code.

    There's also been some recent work to consolidate the strings a bit (make sure that an existing string/translation is reused, rather than re-added to increase the total number of translatable strings).

    So the most likely explanation is that some older strings were removed (with their corresponding translations), that's why the total translated strings count is down. I filtered the project for recently rejected strings and that is not the cause of what you are observing.

    I hope this helps - happy translating!

  6. Thanks jenia.

    Nearly forgot about this thread. I wasn't aware you're also removing strings in order to reuse them instead of adding new ones. I really like that idea. :D

    Problem fixed. :)


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