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disappearing widgets

  1. something has changed between my visits- I used to have some widgets, but now... when I go to my site, there are NONE. They seem to be active in my appearance menu, but refuse to reveal themselves! grr.

    help greatly appreciated.

  2. okay. found my widgets.
    is this a glitch of some sort?
    Can this be resolved on my end?
    Or is this a technical thing?

  3. Typically when that happens something in your posts is too wide (an image typically) and forcing the widgets to the bottom. It looks to me right no using FireFox that the widgets are at the top. Nothing showing at the bottom.

  4. on my IE browser, it seems to be lining up with the bottom of the last entry. when i select a category- i see it toward the top of its sidebar, lining up with the bottom of the page listed. I haven't inserted anything since my last visit, so it may be the browser I'm using- I notice Alexa screws up images pretty darn good...

  5. Here's a link to an FAQ listing the maximum image widths for most of the themes.

  6. that's it. thx.

  7. martillosrugbysub

    hi! I want to quit the widgets in my page... but I dont know how! please someone tell me how!!!

  8. While you are partly hijacking this thread, check out:


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