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    I’ve just been trying to edit the widget in my sidebar, but have found that the ones I’ve always had there are not showing up when I expand the sidebar box in Dashboard. I’ve also tried to drag a new one in, and it does not appear after i’ve dropped it. Wondering if this might be related to the recent Dashboard upgrade? I’m using the Black-Letterhead theme- perhaps and issue with that? I’ll continue messing with it, but haven’t seen anything in the forums yet and just hoping you might have an idea. Many thanks! Shawn
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    Update: Finally got a widget to drop in the sidebar, but then it deleted all of the old widgets- ones that were still appearing on my blog, but not appearing in the sidebar editor. So I just had to drag all my old widgets back in place from the ‘disabled widget’ area, and all is well. Hope I haven’t wasted anyone’s time, and perhaps this will help someone down the road.. Aloha — Shawn



    Shawn – I’m so glad you got yourself sorted.

    Just a note for future reference – when you first create a blog it comes with a set of default widgets. These remain in your sidebar until you add a widget of your own, at which point this widget replaces the defaults.

    If you want to use any of the widgets which appear by default you can just drag them over to your sidebar from Appearance > Widgets in your dashboard.

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