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    I’ve changed my Windows Life on Word Wress and now about delet my account. It’s uncomparable worse. Not comfortable interface and options. Themes are not beautifull. I don’t understand with who i share my news here? I don’t have any wish to send invintations to all my contacts again and especially dont wanna spend time adjusting vew of my page.If before my page was like my sweet home. Now its cold and looks like news paper.I’m dissapointed :( I wish i could back my windows life page and save it on my computer if impossible to use it anymore.

    The blog I need help with is krym14.wordpress.com.



    I’m sorry that Windows Live Spaces is closing and that you do not like your wordpress.com blog.



    Krym14, you sound as if you are somewhat web-illiterate. I know it may be daunting, but with some time and effort, you can pimp out your new wordpress.com blog. I know there are a few restrictions, but this is the best free blog provider I have found thus far, and I have tested out a LOT over the past few years.



    when you first start with wordpress it’s very basic but go and look at a few of the people s blogs that are posting here and see what they’ve done. they are all unique and they have made them into their home sweet home not just the basic that they started out with. Good Luck and keep trying.

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