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Disconnect my blogs

  1. Please disconnect my blog, from my other .com blogs. Use the email ejpops at gmail . Thanks, Michael or you can send the new login to the existing email address.

    All my blogs are some how linked as they all show up when I go to manage my blogs. I did not know they were being linked like that.

    For security reasons I want this one unlinked.

    Also UNLINK these two blogs from all other blogs except the one above:
    and http://www.bibleprophecyrevealed./rev

    The above two can be linked together and to the above listed .com blog.

    So the above three should be linked but to no others.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Michael,

    Your blogs aren't linked in any way. The "Manage My Blog" feature allows you to see all your blogs that you've created with your email address, but doesn't associate the blogs with each other in any way. A reader of one blog won't see the other blogs, for example, unless you link to that other blog within your blog posts.

    If you want to set up different user accounts, you will need to use a new email address, then transfer the blogs to the new user account:

    I hope that helps clear up some of the confusion!

  3. When I change my name in one it changes my name in the others as well, so they are linked!

    Seriously, I want to use my real name in one but NOT in the others for security reasons.

    But it will not let me do that.

  4. Hi there,

    I see what you're saying now. What you're seeing is your username, correct?

    If this is the case, your best bet is to set up a new user account with a new email address, and then transfer the blog you'd like associated with a different username to the new account. The steps can be found here:


  5. No, not my user name, my name in the user profile.

  6. Hi Mike,

    Ok, thanks for clearing that up for me! So, this information is being pulled the same way from your user account with WordPress as your username would be, so the recommendation above is still what I would go with for your situation.


  7. How do I transfer a blog? I did not know that was possible.

  8. Hi again Mike,

    The specific steps can be found here:
    The steps can be found here:

    Basically what you want to do is go to the Dashboard of the blog you want to transfer, then go to My Blogs (this is under the Dashboard tab), then select "Transfer Blog" underneath the title of the blog. (This is illustrated at the link above.)

    You will get a large warning screen - to make sure you don't accidentally click that link! So you can click that you understand and to continue.

    Then you'll be prompted to enter the username or email address of the user you want to transfer it to - here you just enter your newly setup account username or email address.

    At this point, you'll get an email to your original address on file asking you to confirm. The transfer won't happen unless you click the link in your email!

    Let me know if you have any further questions!

  9. michaelfortner859329746

    Ok, thanks this different from what I found doing a search. I am okmike77.

  10. This did not work, when I move my cursor over the name of the blog all I get is the full name of the blog in a little yellow window. I tried it on all of mine and all the same.

  11. I will try this method, create another account and make my self admin to my existing blogs and then delete myself using my new admin account.

    Did you follow that?

  12. I follow you - let me know how that goes. If you run into any problems, I can take a peek for you!

  13. I created another blog with a different email and invited myself to that blog and made myself administrator, but I was not able to delete or even demote the first me. Back to square one.

  14. If you tell me what the new blog is, and what user accounts you want associated with it, I can help you with this.

  15. The new user name I created just to have the old blog associated with it, is bibleapocalypse. The blog I want disconnected from me and put with the new one is bibleprophecyrevealed.

    I am the admin of both with no other users.

    If this does not work I will just have to delete the old blog after backing it up and then uploading to the new.

    Thanks, much.

  16. I've removed okmike77 from bibleprophecyrevealed. Hopefully that takes care of it for you!

  17. Looks like it has fixed the issue, thanks very much.

    I wish I could have sign up with a new account without having to create a new blog, but try as I might I was not able to do so.

    Happy New Year.

  18. Hi there,

    I'm very sorry the process was frustrating for you. I'll take the feedback to the team.

    Happy 2013!

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