Disconnecting Gravatar and WordPress

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    I do not blog at WordPress.com any longer. Have not for a while.

    I would like it when I comment on blogs for my comments to point back to where I actually do blog (private domain). Yet because I have an email address associated with Gravatar, I cannot comment on WordPress.com blogs without logging in to WordPress.com. My Gravatar is my personal branding image. I need it to point where I want it to, not to WordPress.com.

    How do I disconnect my Gravatar account from this unused WordPress.com account? The email I am attempting to comment with is not the log-in email for WordPress.com. But that does not matter.



    I put the gravatar.com on my blog, wordpress.com and now I do not want it on my blog nor do I want my wordpress.com blog to reflect this gravatar.com. Can you help

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