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Discontinued themes

  1. I'm using the Fresh & Clean theme but I saw that it has been discontinued. It says those blogs that already have it can keep it, but new blogs can't start using it.

    My blog already has it, but will Fresh and Clean theme eventually be gone for good? Should I switch to another theme?

    Also, I was considering switching to Expound theme, because I want a theme that has post summary with thumbnails, just as Fresh & Clean has, but I couldn't find it on the list of themes that support Wordads. Does that mean it doesn't support Wordads or it just wasn't added yet because it's new?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The list of retired themes is here >

    From time to time old themes that no longer support features are retired. That will always be the case and switching themes is recommended.

    You're right, Expound isn't on the WordAds supported themes list but I'll tag this thread for a Staff response to using it with WordAds.

  3. Hi there,

    The list of WordAds themes that you linked to is actually a list of themes that support Optimized Ads from WordAds. Other themes support the Simple Ad option for WordAds. You can read more about these ad layouts here:

    If you have additional questions or concerns about WordAds, you can contact the WordAds team directly here:

  4. Thank you both very much. This cleared up everything.

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