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Discovering links to your blog

  1. Google has released a set of additional webmaster tools to dicover more links to your site, and ven download them, etc... (see

    The feature requires either uploading and html file ('not good' for ;) ), or including a 'meta' tag in the first <HEAD> section of the page, before the first <BODY> section of the type <meta name="verify-v1" content="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" /> (where "xxxxxx" is unique to you).

    How hard, feasible, desirable would it be to create the tag by default for all blogs, letting us fill the "xxxxxxxxx" part within our dashboards?

    (Then again, this may be in plan for the April stats surprise... :) ).

    I hope I was clear enough, I need more coffee this morning...

  2. I'm thinking that perhaps this question would be best posed to Andy who is working on the stats program. As support is closed except for urgent matters on weekends I'm thinking the best way to go would be to send in a feedback on Monday.

  3. Can you not put the HTML in a text widget or in one standalone blog post? There are only certain HTML thingies that are forbidden here like Forms, Embeds and javascript.

  4. You could try that but I believe it has to be in the header for Google to pick up on it.

  5. Ok.
    I'm surely late with this mine....
    There have been develops?
    Is possible now to add this very simple and harmless meta tag to our <head> section?
    Is not a java devil and does not help making money....
    Is a way to work on ranking issues, thank to Google site management new tools....



  6. stephania, please stop spamming the forums. You only need to ask your question once.

  7. Verifying your blog is now possible. May be many of you would have already read, for those who haven't here is the link

  8. *chuckle* We know. Engtech's been posting that link like crazy. Actually we've known that for over a month now.

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