Discovering my "name server"

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    Hi! I’m in the process of moving my recently registered .com domain to be a .org, hosted by hostgator. I worked with the host gator people, and I was told that I needed to find my “name server” for my domain. Apparently, my domain name server is somewhere on, which is a site I’ve never heard of. So, I need to assign my newly installed wordpress the correct name host for the site address in the settings. Not sure how to make that happen :P

    I’m feeling a little lost, but not completely overwhelmed, I pretty much grasp the concept, just not sure what the missing piece is here…

    Thanks to all who reply!

    -Johnny B.

    The blog I need help with is




    Did you already sign up with HostGator?

    – J. Alan



    If your new host will be Hostgator they will give you the name server information after they set up their site for your new site.

    Then since I think your domain name is registered here you will change your name server information for your domain name here to point to Hostgator.


    Thanks for the replies!

    What I’m attempting to do is move my existing site over to this newly installed site. So, from what I was told by HostGator, I need to change my address (URL) and Site address (URL) to the “name server” that wordpress has. What thickens the plot is that by using, my .com site’s registrar is… somehow. That’s where I’m getting stumped :P



    Take a look at this support document on updating your nameservers. You will have to replace the nameservers with the ones that hostgator gave you. If they only gave you two, put them in the 1 and 2 spots and then delete the wordpress nameserver from the 3rd.



    Answered here too >
    If you have already hired a web hosting service, set up your install, and imported your content and links into it, then the instructions you need to follow to update the nameservers are here >

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