"Discrete" ECOpress ad messing up my post

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    I GET that you have the desire to display your own Ads in order to keep WordPress.com free/cheap… I don’t have a problem with that. But when said Ad’s formatting overwrites the bottom of my post, and makes the page generally look like hell – THEN I have a problem with it.

    The blog I need help with is ogtutor.wordpress.com.



    You can buy the no ads upgrade for $ 30/year –

    Take a screen shot of the offending ad and send the link to the staff – they do want to keep your site looking nice and they have seemed to have taken action in the past when ads were not displaying correctly. The normal contact form is closed for the weekend as the staff tries to dig out from a backlog of work – so you can either wait until Monday or contact them using the email below.

    Here’s the email address support@wordpress.com Be sure you include all details.



    PS – a curse on not having a 5 min. “edit” window – Take a screen shot, save it on your blog somewhere or another photo sharing service and send the image link to the Staff.



    It’s worth sending a screenshot just to register your displeasure, but don’t expect too much. In my experience, staff are usually apologetic when ads are ugly or inappropriate, but since most ads are by third-party providers they don’t have much more control over them than we do.



    However a large number of complaints might cause the Staff to rethink how some ads are displayed – there have been some ad companies that have been dropped for bad ads – so do send them the screen shot – can’t hurt and if nobody complains nothing will change.


    Howdy, like is mentioned above if you see an ad having a negative effect on the layout of your content please do send along a screenshot. All the feedback helps us make things better. Thanks!

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