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    I am sure we all get bugged by trolls. I would like to avoid having to moderate every post, and one suggestion made to me was to disemvowel the unacceptable posts – which makes the point nicely about what is acceptabler and what isn’t. There are scriots that can be run on wordpress – but not on wordpress.com.

    An anti-troll widget set would be even nicer



    And the edit tag doesn’t work!


    Under options discussion there is a comment black list area where you can enter email addresses or IP addresses to be blocked. That’s the closest we have here at wordpress.com at this time.



    I use the Options blacklist to hold comments from certain people for moderation–that way I at least get to see them before they show up.

    I have had an ongoing problem with white supremacists on my blog. While I want them to be able to show just what [insert swear word of your choice] they are, I don’t want them to use certain words or to link to their sites.

    It works pretty well.



    This explains our recommended methods for dealing with unwanted comments:


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