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disfunctional sign in at comment box

  1. I just attempted to leave a comment, then enter my sign in info at the bottom, which took me automatically to the sign in page. No problem, right?... as I expected my comment to still be there after signing in, as is the norm. But - it was NOT. After being directed to a separate sign in page, I was not returned to the comment box, but had to hit the back button, and was very surprised to not see my comment still in the box, awaiting posting. Why? This is how comment box sign in's work, otherwise why have them at the bottom of the comment box? Super irritated

    The blog I need help with is

  2. And what blog are we talking about here?

  3. It's called squash and awe, though not sure why that would matter. The info that might matter is that the blog is using a customized Visual theme, according to the liner notes at the bottom of the page.

    Also, in case you know the answer to this as well: why would this forum have the embedded sentence at the bottom of my query post above, "The blog I need help with is .... ". My question has nothing to do with my blog.

  4. We need the URL of the blog, starting with http, so we can see what version of the software is running and examine the issue. Maybe we can see the comment and you can't.

  5. And the forum has that automatically posted because we always need the URL of the blog you're asking questions about, so we can see it and answer the questions. Usually people are asking about their own blogs.

  6. The original comment was lost in the sign in redirect, so after signing in, I left a new comment. But of course the sign in should preserve the comment if it is located under the comment box. Thank you so much for helping out here.

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