Disgusting ad on my paid for blog

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    There is a disgusting ad of a supposedly pregnant Jennifer Aniston drinking straight from a booze bottle on my paid for blog. My blog is travel related and my stomach literally as I scrolled down my latest post and saw the ad at the bottom of the post.

    How can I get this ad removed? I’m searching all over wordpress for support email so that I can send a screen shot of the ad and get their support in having it removed.

    The blog I need help with is moroccowhynot.com.


    I meant to say “my stomach literally turned”…

    Please can someone from wordpress support respond with directions on getting this particular ad removed.



    thank you, raincoaster.



    If pregnant bellies disgust you I suggest that you might consider sterilization lest you contribute to their appearance.



    Just to make it clear she’s not drinking from a booze bottle, she’s drinking water. A quick search would have told you that before jumping to conclusions.



    Pardon? Please my dear, your response is immature and not in response to my specific question.


    Before everyone get all flustered, my post is directly for wordpress support to respond to my question. I have no interest in your other bloggers opinion.



    I think it relates. Your complaint is based on her drinking alcohol. She isn’t.



    Agreed. What’s blowing my mind is the complainers have competitor ads displaying on their business blogs and they don’t care. But the ad aimed at selling water with the pregnant belly in it causes their stomach to turn. Give me a break! this is too outrageously funny not to blog.



    I’m not flustered at all. I was laughing so hard that my husband came to see what I was laughing at and now he’s laughing too.

    Please upload your screenshot into your Media Library where and Staff will eyeball it.

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