Dispaying Likes / Peaples tolking about button in my Facebook page profile

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    I have a Facebook page since 2 years and big number of received posts
    but I never had no any likes button for my page to be count of peoples
    talking about number or likes number. Any instructions on You Tube
    concerning about buttons on external foreign pages (WordPress f.e.)
    but not on the Facebook. In Facebook it isn’t possibility embeding of
    button codes . But I see that some users have such LIKES buton on FB
    profile and ca displaing number of peoples LIKE their FB page.

    The blog I need help with is khkoz.wordpress.com.


    Know that the only instructions that apply to wordpress.com free hosted blogs are found in our support documentation here http://en.support.wordpress.com

    You can have both Facebook like & share buttons on your posts.



    Nothing understand my question. I have all buttons in my posts.
    I have no button likes or likes-box on my page.

    in support.facebook is expained only html codes but for external pages
    but I have this button [u]in my Facebook profile[/u] not in wordpress



    No one wants to understand my question. I have all the buttons in each Facebook post. From the beginning, I do not have the button LIKES / LIKES-BOX to my page on Facebook. Facebook or You Tube videos explain the HTLM codes but only for posting on the foreign pages. But as far as I post this codes on COUNTING LIKERS ON MY FACEBOOK. I can not see how much the peaples like my FaceBook page or talking about my Facebook page. May be it is such options in Facebook but I not know English name of such (social plugin or other name?).



    you ca get the facebook likebox,through your widgets on settings

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